Goldfish XXIX 


Oil on canvas. Size: 100cm x 70cm x 4cm depth.

 One of a kind painting, ready to hang. Unframed.

A continuation of my Goldfish paintings. It's also a continuation of my Dartmoor paintings as the landscape featured in this piece is a genuine Dartmoor viewpoint from Belstone Tor. I do feel the rocks speak to me in a surreal way with their complex shapes jutting out of the ground and representing, as they do, a period of volcanic activity some 250 million years ago. Plus I love the dark, moody beauty with weather to match. Conan Doyle set The Hound of The Baskervilles on Dartmoor because of it's brooding atmosphere.
The Goldfish bowl always symbolises a fragile ecosystem in my personal iconography.


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Goldfish XXIX side.JPG
Goldfish XXIX detail.JPG