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About Daniel Loveday

I think of myself as a storyteller as much as an artist using the language of symbols, surrealism, and the imagination. I'm especially concerned with environmental and social issues.

If you wish to commission any paintings contact me to discuss ideas.


I trained for two years at foundation level, doing life drawing and print and then I began a degree at Exeter Art College which was never finished.


I became a graphic designer during which time I did a lot of commercial art, usually illustrating everything from wildlife in a park, to steam trains, to cartoon characters. 


The human race is a paradox that can understand so much but can’t stop itself from inflicting wholesale destruction on the only place that sustains it, earth. I’m interested in beauty and ugliness in equal measure, The beauty of things we can’t fathom, of darkness and finding the light..

I want to challenge and elicit responses.


I'll use any medium. Oil. Water soluble crayons. Acrylic. Canvas. Board. Paper... and even the stage!

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