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Goldfish XLV 


Acrylic on canvas. Size: 82 x 66 x 2cm (framed) / 76.3 x 60.5cm.

 One of a kind painting, ready to hang.

If you wish to purchase Goldfish XLVI on this site you can do so via a secure Paypal transaction. Just click on the Buy Now symbol below.

Shipping for this item is free for Europe and North America, if you live further afield from UK contact me to discuss.

If you wish to contact me to discuss your interest in any painting go to my contact page above.

Alternatively you can go to Artfinder, a well established online gallery, and buy the painting on my page there. You can also see reviews from many of my previous customers:

GF XLIV+ new frame.jpg

Below is an illustration of the type of frame

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